Open Source Tools Stack: Profession Based

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Open Source Tools Stack: Profession Based

Cherry Yadvendu
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Once upon a time!

Two friends: Rick and Morty

Both wanted to build their own brand, both wanted to get started in the open source community.

Rick- decides to do his research. Read through a document containing the best open source tools to start with, basis on his profession.

Morty- decides to randomly pick up projects and tools basis on the latest trend. He kept jumping from one tool to another without mastering any.

Few months down the line

Rick has built his own brand and is known for the most innovative contributions. Morty is still struggling to get his right foot in.

What made the difference? How did Rick do it?

Everyone wants to get started with open source, but they get stuck with the most basic step.

This is the hardest part of learning the tool, and almost 100% of contributors fail here.

This is the research. Finding the correct tool for you

What do you need to become like Rick?

Easy! You've to find the right tool for you depending on your needs.

It doesn't make sense for you to use a tool which would help a developer whereas you on the other hand would excel with a devops focused tool.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you and compiled an entire list from which you can choose to do many things!

You choose any tool basis on your profession:

  • Developers💻
  • DevOps⚙️
  • QA/ Testing🔎
  • Product Managers🔗
  • UI/UX Designers🧑🏻‍🎨

The best part? You can:

  1. Use these tools and bring efficiency to your work
  2. Contribute to the projects and ensure something valuable is built
  3. Showcase your work publicly and build your brand
  4. Start dialogues with other members, critique and learn from each other
  5. Improve your own skills while learning something new

Come, let's get started!🚀

I want this!


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